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boardnetUSA™ is the unique website revolutionizing the way nonprofit boards and new leaders find each other.

If you're an individual interested in board service or a nonprofit looking for a new board member ... you've come to the right place.

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  • Over 12,000 candidates and nonprofit boards are currently using boardnetUSA™.
  • Nonprofit boards using boardnetUSA™ oversee total operating budgets in excess of $3.4 Billion.
  • 8 of 10 of users would recommend boardnetUSA™ to a friend for their board connecting needs.
  • 88% of users would use boardnetUSA™ again.
  • 90% of board members connected through boardnetUSA™ have made financial contributions to the nonprofit they joined.
  • Over 85% of users feel boardnetUSA™ connected them with a board or candidate that they would not have otherwise encountered.

Comments From Our Users

"We just had the most awesome board prospect contact us through boardnetUSA. She specializes in corporate governance plus a degree in psychology - a good fit for us."

"boardnetUSA has been all I could hope for in helping us identify and recruit new board members."


"I found the perfect match for my interest. After attending two board meetings as an observer and their initial strategic planning meeting, I was elected to the board. I found your service to be a great help for several reasons but it was the profile that made me focus on what I wanted."